Please join with us to help realize our vision for a better world.

We meet monthly for friendly discussions on a variety of topics with an emphasis on critical thinking, science, education, Philosophy, Art, Politics, social action, and skepticism.  We participate in a variety of events on issues within the community that advance the goal of moving people in positive and progressive directions  that affirm the primacy of human well being.

Those meetings currently take place at the North Tampa Library, located at 8916 N. Blvd in Tampa, FL 33604 Usually on the third Saturday at 11PM.  All are welcome!   Map


The aspiration and mission of the Tampa Humanist Association is to be a democratic voice for Humanism in the environs of the city of Tampa, Florida.  We wish to  to increase public awareness and acceptance of the values, methods,  and ideas of humanism,  and to develop and advance humanist thought and action.
Within the organization, we care for each other, and build institutions and relationships that foster the value of friendship, that is the social core of Humanism.

A brief Overview…

The Tampa Humanist Association, (THA) brings together humanists and critical thinkers of all stripes toward the cause of progressive social change. We are a chartered chapter of the American Humanist Association. Working with our ‘sister’ organization, the Humanist Society of the Suncoast and the Tampa Branch of the Center for Inquiry and other organizations within the United Coalition of Reason, it is THA’s intention to participate in the larger movement to enlarge the presence of humanism within the Tampa Bay Region.  We strive to create a cooperative atmosphere within the community that places human welfare first.

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  1. HumanistTampa says:

    Our next meeting is at 11 AM on Saturday the 20th of September at the North Tampa Library above.
    All are welcome to participate in this lively discussion.

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